- Model 700 Series - Accurate Particulate Detection


CPM 700 Series monitors are advanced detection devices that measure changes in particulate concentration. Using a unique emissions detection technique, CPM 700 Series instruments maintain calibration because they remain virtually unaffected by dirty or misaligned optics, or an aging light source. The CPM 700 Series Particulate Detection System provides advanced broken bag detection and prediction as well as monitoring of changes in particulate concentration. This product line features two models, the CPM 700 and the CPM 750. The CPM 700 model serves primarily as a broken bag detector. An alarm is activated when a pre-set particulate emissions level is exceeded. The CPM 750 model includes a 4-20 mA analog output module.

CPM 700 Series Instruments Include:

  • Self-compensating emissions detection technique; no drift and low maintenance.
  • Instant notification of high emissions or unfavorable conditions with Emission Alarm and Maintenance Alarms.
  • Automatically detects and adjusts for ambient light.
  • Adjustment to process characteristics.
  • Precise and easy to read analog meter.
  • Adjustable damping to allow for smooth response to rapid fluctuations in emissions.


CPM® 750 Features

CPM 750 includes features for the CPM 700 as well as a 4-20 mA analog output module that allows the connection to a strip chart recorder, DCS system, or BHA's InPoint® Manager, which allows remote monitoring and trending of dust levels, or a CPM 5000 multi-point system, which allows the user to monitor the emissions level from a remote location.

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