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- Model OXI 49 - Oxygen Meters


The 0X1 49, both field (and panel versions, are instruments that can be used for a large number of applications, e.g. analysis and treatment of waters in general, wastewater, fish-farming, etc. Apart from being easy to install and connect, they are also easy to programme and calibrate. Two, extremely safe instruments with the same characteristics. The only difference is the casing, which differs in accordance with the requirements for location: in the field or on a panel.

I his is a specific instrument tor measuring and controlling D.O. and temperature in continuous processes. Both parameters are displayed simultaneously on-screen. The display is backlit, which aids reading in dark places. Measurement can be expressed in %, mg/l or ppm.Manual data entry for pressure and salinity for automatic correction of the measurement. One point air-calibration. A security code prevents unauthorised personnel from interrupting measurement processes. Only authorised personnel can calibrate and program the equipment. During calibration and programming, the instrument remains on hold. Three digital signals: a limit relay, one to activate sensor cleaning automatically and one for the a la rm.

The limit, cleaning and alarm relays can be activated manually. This is very useful for checking instrument installation and manoeuvre. An analogue signal, galvanically insulated, for process automation and monitoring. A Data logger, which keeps a record of the last 200 measurements taken. During calibration, the current read by the electrode, nA, is displayed on-screen. This gives an indication of its condition. The field version has a watertight transparent cover to protect the keypad and display. The OXI49P (96 x 96) is a very compact version, specifically designed for mounting on standardised panels.

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