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Crison Instruments, SA

- pH and Redox (ORP) Pressurised Electrodes


Electrodes with pressurised electrolyte are high-performance items.They have a special reference system, the main feature of which is that the gel electrolyte has been pressurised in the factory at 2.5 bar. This pressure means that there is a constant flow of electrolyte out from the electrode, which cleans the diaphragm continuously. Another feature of these electrodes is that there is no silver in the electrolyte and they have a reference element with a 'barrier against silver ions'. This prevents Ag+ ion migration towards the diaphragm, thus avoiding contamination through the formation and precipitation of AgCl and Ag2S.

Diaphragm self-cleans, thanks to pressurisation.Auto-compensation for medium pressure: no specia housings required.Resistant to high temperatures.Low maintenance, no electrolyte refilling required.

  • The slow but progressive loss of internal pressure which begins once the diaphragm is unsealed.
  • The pressurisation lasts on average 1 year, but this will always depend on the application in question.

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