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Crison Instruments, SA

- Model PH27 P - pH-Meters


Active pH/mV transmitter (4-wire) Analogue signal from 4...20 mA, user-programmable, to be built into automated processes. See fig. on page 9. Only available in panel version, 96x96.These are specific instruments for measuring and, in some cases, controlling pH and mV in continuous processes.There are different versions depending on the requirements for application and location. The following versions are available:

  • field and panel,
  • with different voltages, 230, 115 or 24V A/C
  • transmitters or controllers
  • different regulation modes: on/off or proportional
  • etc.

  • pH and temperature values are displayed simultaneously. The display is backlit, which aids reading in dark places. During calibration, the instruments automatically recognize buffers and have built-in criteria for accepting/rejecting the electrode. The instruments are compatible with most glass-membrane pH electrodes on the market. These instruments are very easy to handle.
  • They enable interactive dialogue in the user's own language (Spanish, English, French and Italian). The display always provides the user with instructions for operation or help messages. An access code prevents unauthorised personnel from interrupting measurement processes. Only authorised personnel can calibrate or program the equipment. During calibration and programming, the instrument remains on hold.
  • The field versions have a watertight transparent cover to protect the keypad and display. The panel versions are especially prepared for mounting on standardised panels.

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