Crison Instruments, SA

Crison Instruments, SA

- Model SI 75 - pH/mV Simulator


The perfect tool for verifying lab and process pH-meters and complete installations for pH monitoring and regulation. Helps clear up any doubts. The instrument emits similar signals to those of a pH electrode, both at high and low impedance. Allows 'in situ' electronic pH-meter calibration.

  • The pH or mv simulated value appears on the liquid crystal display. Highly stable in the event of temperature variations, see specifications. 'Long life' membrane keypad, guaranteed for up to 6 million strokes per key. IP 65 Protection against dust and water.
  • Simulates 7 pH and 7 mV values.The output signals can be selected at high or low impedance. Comes complete with an S7/S8 connector, thus allowing the electrode cable to be connected directly.The instrument switches off automatically if no keys are pressed for 5 minutes. This function can be disabled by the user.Uses very little electricity. With the instrument on, the batteries will last approximately 180 hours. Low battery level indicator. Practical carry-case, optional, for protection and transport of the instrument.

The SI 75 software is similar to that of all other CRISON portables, and has been designed to make this new range of instruments as user friendly as possible.

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