- Model CPS3 - Battery Chargers



After more than 120,000 HF loaders sold worldwide, CRISTEC continues to market its range of high power CPS3 chargers.

  • Nominal load up to 55 ° C without loss
  • Special SP terminal that allows adding a battery isolator to have up to 6 independent outputs (See associated product - RCE range)
  • 3 years warranty

Automatic detection of voltage and input frequency - from 85 to 265VAC and from 47 to 65Hz - allows batteries to be recharged anywhere (in Europe and the US), even when power is weak or limited (End of the pontoon, foreign networks, etc.).
Except model 24V / 150A 400VAC three-phase.

The CPS3 chargers have 3 outputs (except models> 80A) that can each discharge the rated current.

One of them is dedicated mainly to the engine starting battery (marine application).

Each output has a non-return diode that allows a start without risk to the motor and avoiding the transfers of current between one battery and another.

Cristec chargers are the only ones on the market that have a terminal that allows you to add a  battery isolator to have up to 6 independent outputs (3 charger outputs + 3 charger outputs).

CRISTEC recommends the use of an electronic battery isolator without voltage drop. (see RCE range).

The CPS3 chargers are designed to be installed vertically or horizontally thanks to their external fixings.

The box has a specific compartment for connections and configurations. It is accessible thanks to a removable front part (yellow housing) and guarantees a fast connection of the power supply of the charger, of the batteries and a direct access to the different configurations available.

The connection in threaded rods is robust and easy thanks to the space available.

Possibility of connecting an external temperature sensor (depending on the model) to optimize the charge of the batteries and / or a digital display to control its condition.

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