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- Bio-Diesel Oil Disc Centrifuges



Disc Centrifuge is a high-speed, mechanical centrifuge used for the separation and purification of mixtures comprising of solids and liquids.

Bio-diesel oil is green reborn energy, being excellent replacement for petroleum diesel oil as fuel. BIo-diesel series disc centrifuge is automatic discharging type which special for bio-diesel oil. It has the traits of high rotation speed, stable operation, complete sealing at inlet and outlet system, low noise, excellent separation effect, and etc. Its centripetal pump is designed by ourselves which has the traits of stable output pressure, large regulation range, easy to operate, and etc. Also this separator is specially designed automatic control cabinet with safety protection device, and fitted with advanced automatic vibration detector that can inspect the vibrating number of separator at any time. Operator can adjust the parameters of separator on the display screen directly, which makes the separation and discharging reach to the best effect.

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