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- Model FT - Crushers for Efficient Reduction



For Efficient Reduction of ROM Coal and Other Friable Materials. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Jeffrey Rader offers you the best value when your machine needs a rebuild or retrofit. Contact us for a quote to a rebuild, retrofit or upgrade your existing Jeffrey Rader Equipment. Jeffrey Rader Flextooth crushers are designed for the reduction of ROM coal, for preparation plant feed, rail shipments, and feed for fine coal grinding equipment. The Flextooth is particularly suited where a maximum reduction ratio with minimum fines is required.


The unique crushing element (hammer) uses a cantilevered moment arm design with the movement controlled by a retainer pin. This hammer design permits the crusher to operate at relatively low speeds which minimizes fines, yet sufficient holdout force is maintained to keep the hammer properly extended.

By allowing the hammer to flex back away from the crushing circle (zone), protection against damage from tramp metal and other uncrushables is improved. Combining the compression crushing concept of roll crushers with the high capacity of impact crushers, the Flextooth gives you the benefits of both.

The Flextooth also is adaptable (with standard internal modifications) for reducing a variety of medium hard friable materials.

The Flextooth features a large feed opening and an extended lower housing. Working together, these features allow the Flextooth to accept large lumps of ROM or frozen coal and, in effect, increase capacity. The need for secondary crushers is often eliminated.

The 40FT through the 715FT rotor discs have welded hubs which maximize key contact. Retained with lock nuts, the assembly results in an extremely rigid rotor assembly, reducing the likelihood of damage from uncrushables.

Flextooth hammer and retainer pins are interchangeable. They are made with high grade steel and heat treated for high strength and extended life.

Static and dynamic balancing of all rotors at operating RPM assures precision and repeatability. Rotor mass is concentrated between bearings. The design eliminates external flywheels and prevents damage resulting from uneven loads caused by uncrushables.

Screen bar sections are made of heat treated alloy, wear-resistant steel using welded construction. Wear rate is reduced which helps maintain product size control. Individual screen sections can be replaced, helping reduce maintenance costs. Units can be supplied with either screen bar sections or perforated plates.

  • EZ Access technology for improved safety, faster maintenace, less downtime
  • Circulating oil lubrication systems
  • Bearing temperature monitoring systems
  • Structural steel base
  • External bypass chutes
  • Motor, V-Belt drive and guards
  • Start-up service available

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