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Crystallized Nanosilver Antibacterial Activated Carbon


Activated carbon's special properties is to absorb specific undesirable elements and remove them from the source whether it'd be gaseous or liquid. The possible applications for activated carbon is significant, from chemical, medical production cycles to sewage and waste water treatment as well as the removal of dioxin from certain industrial exhausts. Up until now, there has been one significant drawback to the use of activated carbon. Due to its property for high adhesion and absorbing rates, it is prone to bacterial grows in many applications. The market place has been looking for a bacteria-resistant version of activated carbon to surface. Such products appeared recently as silver imbued activated carbon.

  • Current technologies results in high surface area coverage of activated carbon, thus limiting the adsorption rate of undesired substances.

  • Causes antibacterial activities to deteriorate, thus shortens the life-time of filters (average 3-4 months)
  • Unhealthy levels of silver ions will be passed into drinking water

  • What is SilverSpring? (An antimicrobial coating agent)
  • SilverSpring is a clear transparent solution of small silver particles dissolved in deionized water. It is produced by nanotechnology.
  • SilverSpring and its process on activated carbon was developed successfully in December 2006.

  • Reduces silver attrition
  • Efficiently uses silver to keep costs down


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