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- Model JHB-100 - Handheld Methane (CH4) Gas Detector

Specification: Measurement method NDIR Range 0%-5%vol up to 100%vol Resolution 0.00-10.0%vol; Resolution: 0.01% 10.0% - 100%vol; Resolution: 0.1%; Precision: 0-1%, 0.1% 1-100%, 10% of reading Response time 25s Working environment Pressure 86-106kpa Working temperature 0-40 Storage temperature -40-60 Humility 98%RH Warm-up 30s Standby 10h Sampling Diffusion type Power supply DC3.7V 1300mAh lithium battery Dimensions L*W*D 93mm*62mm*25mm Weight About 0.15kg Application: Portable CH4 detector is an ideal instrument with alarm function to detect the concentration of CH4, such as chemical industry, oil & gas storage, mine, metallurgy, liquefied gas station, spray paint, petroleum, fuel gas transport, as well as the leakage of nature gas.

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