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- Model Gasboard 9050 - Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)


CEMS Gasboard 9050 is available for flue or stack gas processes. It can be used for measurement of the concentration of CO, CO2, SO2, NO and O2. It is the best tooling to industrial application. To check whether the gas is still being produced to decide the feedstock cycle and the best ratio. To check the quality of the gas being produced prior to use in some industrial process. To check the quality of the gas and optimize the technical process.


Industrial production process monitoring.

Industrial combustion efficiency monitoring.

Desulfurization process monitoring.

Denitration process monitoring. 

Industrial furnaces.

Cement plant.

Industrial coal-fired boiler.

Monitoring of process control functions.

Atmosphere monitoring during heat treatment of steel.


CEMS integrator.


Instrument Series

It adopts micro-flow infrared technology to measure the CO,NO,SO2, UV DOAS technology to monitor NO,SO2. It not only has long life time  and high precision advantages but also solved the eliminate the impact of moisture on measurement values and effects of environmental temperature.

Pre-treatment and Sampling System

The professional pretreatment and sampling device can ensure the whole system works stability and accurate for long time.

PLC Controller

It can achieve complete automatically sampling gas, back blowing, alarm and other functions, meanwhile it can monitor automatic for 24 hours to reduce labor costs.

Data Transmission Interface

Measurement data via RS-232/RS-485 and 4-20mA output interface transmit to the DCS system, in order to realize remote.

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