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Soil gas mitigation is increasingly considered as a pre-emptive strategy at sites impacted with volatile contaminants, radon or naturally-occurring biogenic gases (e.g., methane). For new building construction, there is a range of possible mitigation solutions, which often involve modification of the building envelope in contact with soil to incorporate soil gas venting and/or barrier systems. CUPOLEX® Aerated sub-floors provide a sustainable approach for soil gas mitigation and are more permeable than gravel layers, and thus are more efficient in term of venting characteristics.

While there are numerous reasons why the CUPOLEX® system outperforms the standard liner or gravel layer SSV system, there are three critical factors that make the CUPOLEX® system the superior system for your project, as well as the better choice for the sustainability and economics of the project.

These factors are:

  • more effective venting,
  • constructability, and
  • long-term maintenance costs

CUPOLEX® aerated floor systems control vapor intrusion by either diluting sub-slab concentrations to levels of no concern (the innate attenuation that any reasonable slab provides means that sub-slab concentrations do not have to be reduced to indoor air action levels), or by depressurizing the sub-slab void space to prevent upward flow of air into the building.

Advantages of CUPOLEX sub-floor venting include:

  • Provides a highly efficient under-slab void network than less efficient sand or gravel venting layers
  • More Efficient Venting
  • Passive Venting Potential
  • CUPOLEX® floors do not require membranes
  • Low capital cost,
  • Fast assembly and can be installed by any concrete slab contractor or forming contractor
  • The ability to cut the slab at any location and easily repair,
  • The ability to easily test, monitor and enhance performance,

  • Single and multi-residential dwellings
  • ┬áCommercial buildings
  • Institutions and hospitals
  • Light and heavy Industrial buildings
  • Adaptable to any type of slab foundation design

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