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CupriDyne Clean by Odor No More inc. specializes in Landfill Odor Control systems and solutions.  Our 100% safe, all natural solution eliminates Landfill Odor not just masks it.  We are changing the way the landfill industry thinks about Odor Control. Our ground-breaking product empowers landfill operations that generate odors with scientifically-proven odor elimination, not odor masking. Through the use of common essential nutrients, it breaks down all organically derived odors by means of safe, gentle and effective oxidation.

Cupridyne is #1 in performing Landfill Odor Control.

Odor is a primary problem at landfill facilities, with owners spending millions to prevent odors, and sometimes even more dealing with lawsuits that come as a result of this ever-persistent issue. Controlling the smell takes a specialized effort, and the industry is looking for solutions that are cheap and effective.

CupriDyne® Clean provides this solution with its proprietary technology. When added to a landfill site’s water truck, CupriDyne® Clean’s powder formula can be broadcast over a large area. This system is efficient, cost effective and fits in with operators’ current practices; trucks can shoot great distances, and there is no additional labor, no additional equipment, and no additional maintenance.

For treating odors more directly, CupriDyne Clean’s liquid formulation can be dispersed through oscillating fan systems, vaporization, atomization nozzles, and even sprayed on waste being transferred by trucks, allowing odors to be addressed directly at the source and neutralizing odors in bad loads as they come in or treat the working face before a site closes.

The most significant benefit of odor control for landfills is the ability to eliminate the problem in ways that are safe for everyone and to avoid any issues with both employees and neighboring residents. CupriDyne Clean’s patented green technology offers a proven solution to odors by using safe essential nutrients formulated for maximum performance and safety.

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