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Cured In Place Piping (CIPP)



Our product represents an exciting new application for rehabilitating piping systems and provides municipalities and engineers an alternative to traditional solvent-based resins. A non-woven liner impregnated with our resin creates a strong, durable product that repairs and rehabilitates piping systems via trenchless technology without environmental or safety concerns. Our products give a green alternative to no-dig sewer rehabilitation in both main line and laterals. Our resin will maximize the potential of your non-woven.

  • Resins contain no solvents and are odor-free.
  • Resins are 100% solids so shrinkage is negligible thereby minimizing infiltration between the liner and the pipe.
  • Environmental compliance issues are eliminated—you have a green solution.
  • Resins contain no VOCs or HAPs so the byproducts of the repair process are not hazardous waste.
  • Because of the high solid content less resin is needed to achieve the same or better strength.
  • No hazardous materials signage is required on trucks that carry our products.
  • Due to a higher cure temperature, refrigerated trucks are usually not needed.
  • The higher cure temperature also allows for more flexible wetout options.
  • NOVOC CIPP resin systems cure faster and reduce installation time allowing installers to double their output. Cure times are up to 50% faster than competitive products.
  • Resin applications include: sewer and storm water piping, gas pipes, industrial effluent lines, asbestos encapsulation, electrical conduit repair and more.
  • NoVOC resins are Non-Regulated Non-Flammable OSHA Class 3B.

FACILITIES MANAGERS & ENGINEERS find NOVOC resins deliver solutions to building and site rehabilitation.

MUNICIPALITIES rely on NOVOC CIPP resins to provide high quality, long-lasting trenchless repairs for sewer rehabilitation.

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