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- Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubber



Custom Sensors & Technology offers an efficient H2S Scrubber for analysis packages when monitoring oxygen in natural gas streams from well heads. The scrubber will selectively remove H2S from gas streams without impacting the oxygen concentration and will indicate its useful life through a simple one step color conversion. Depending on the size of the scrubber supplied, the scrubber is useful in removing large volumes of H2S gas over a wide range of concentrations. Additionally the scrubber is disposable and/or can be recycled. Sample must be dry and free of any condensable water. The scrubber housing is made of a clear polymer material allowing a clear view of the contents. Typically used to prepare a gas stream when hydrogen sulfide concentrations interfere with oxygen analysis or zero gas generation for H2S transmitters.

  • Lifetime: ~ 1 year
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs

  • Inlet and Outlet Connections: 1/4' SS Tube Fittings
  • Overall Dimensions: 2' x 15' (WxH). Other sizes are available to suit stream conditions
  • Pressure: 30 psig max
  • Selectivity: Specific to H2S, does not affect oxygen or other components in the stream
  • Temperature: 130F

  • Natural Gas Pipelines, Reduction of corrosive atmospheres, Wellheads, Booster Stations, Pre-scrubbing of H2S laden air

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