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Custom Weather Station


Customizing a weather station to match your weather monitoring needs is an ideal use of Campbell Scientific equipment. We offer the individual components required to build a weather station, with multiple offerings to allow you to choose the degree of accuracy required for your weather station application. Whether this is your first weather station installation, or you manage a weather network, our staff can help you select the correct component for your station from the tripod or tower mounting structure to calculating a power budget. We understand that researchers in Antarctica have different needs than wind profilers in Wyoming or trans-oceanographic vessels. Choose either a tower or a tripod for your mounting structure. We offer multiple heights for both instrumentation towers and tripods. Select only the sensors that you need, such as wind speed, soil moisture, or a rain gauge. Some applications may have all of one sensor, such as wind speed and wind direction. Choose a datalogger based on your sensor selection (how many channels) and type of sensors (what type of voltage they require).

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