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Model CNSolution - Cyanide Analyzer



The CNSolution Cyanide Analyzer is a compact, modular system for performing flow injection cyanide analysis on drinking water samples and wastewater samples from mining, metal plating, and other industrial operations. The CNSolution consists of a 90-position random access X-Y-Z autosampler, a multi-channel precision pump, an electrically-actuated sample injection valve, a VersaChem reaction manifold, and an amperometric detector. The CNSolution measures available cyanide by a ligand-exchange, gas diffusion technique coupled with high sensitivity amperometric detection in accordance with USEPA method OIA-1677 and ASTM D6888-04. An optional in-line UV Digestion module allows total cyanide analysis to be performed without a separate distillation step, reducing analysis time from hours to minutes.

The CNSolution can be equipped with a photometric detector for laboratories measuring total cyanide in post-distillation samples by USEPA method 335.4. This configuration can be supplied with a Midi-distillation system for simultaneous distillation of up to 10 samples.


  • Performs available cyanide analysis without a 2-hour acid distillation step using a ligand-exchange, gas diffusion technique.
  • Performs total cyanide analysis without a 2-hour acid distillation step using a UV-digestion, gas diffusion technique.
  • Runs USEPA-approved Method OIA-1677 for available cyanide in drinking water and wastewater.
  • Supports USEPA Method 335.4 with an optional photometric detector and Midi-distillation system.

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