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Cyclone Coupled Wet Desulfurization Technology



Theoretical basis: Based on the strong mass transfer mechanism of multiphase turbulent mixing, using the gas dynamics principle, a special turbulent coupling device is used to generate a turbulent space for gas-liquid rotary tonnage, in which the gas-liquid-solid three-phase is fully contacted. , greatly reducing the gas-liquid membrane mass transfer resistance, greatly improving the mass transfer rate, and quickly completing the mass transfer process, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the desulfurization efficiency and achieving gas purification. Compared with the similar desulfurization technology, this technology has the advantages of high efficiency of desulfurization and high dust removal efficiency due to the advantages of anti-blocking and simple maintenance of the air tower spray.

Process: After the flue gas from the induced draft fan enters the absorption tower, it first enters the cyclone coupling zone, and through the coupling of the swirling flow and the confluence, an effective gas-liquid transmission with a large degree of rotation, overturning and turbulence is formed in the turbulent space. Quality system. At the same time of the first stage of desulfurization, the temperature of the flue gas decreases rapidly; between the cyclone coupling device and the spray layer, the homogenization effect of the flue gas is obviously enhanced; the flue gas is reacted in the cyclone coupling device due to The formed calcium sulfite is condensed into the slurry under unsaturation, avoiding the formation of scale formation in the cyclone coupling device. The second stage to the absorption zone, through a desulfurization spin exchange coupling region smoke gas desulfurization zone continues to rise into the secondary, atomizing the slurry from the upper spray header absorber layers in a uniform spray tower, with uniform increased The flue gas continues to react, and the purified flue gas is discharged after defogging. The technology has a desulfurization efficiency of over 95%.

Due to the action of the cyclone coupling device, the flue gas entering the absorption tower is rapidly cooled, effectively protecting the anti-corrosion layer of the absorption tower in the case of canceling GGH (1, flue gas reheater); The desulfurization effect of the absorption zone.

Main features of cyclone coupled wet flue gas desulfurization technology

  • high desulfurization efficiency: 95-98%;
  • Good gas effect: no drift phenomenon in the tower (large diameter tower);
  • low energy consumption: 8-10% lower overall power consumption than similar desulfurization devices;
  • Strong adaptability: It is suitable for raw materials with different working conditions, different coal types and different diameters, and the system has strong stability;
  • High localization rate of equipment: The localization rate of system equipment is above 90% .

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