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- Cyclone Filter (CF )



The analysis of the operation of a proved solution widely acceptable in heating industry i.e. a two stage system facilitated development of this dust collection system.   The ECO INSTAL designers have elaborated a dust collector known under the market name of CF CYCLONE FILTER.
The dust collector fosters reduction of dust emission to the atmosphere below 100mg/Nm3 at 6% O2.CE/S dust collectors used as the basis for designing the CYCLONE FILTER are characterized by high efficiency, resistance to erosive wear from dust and reduced flow resistance.The combination of CE/S cyclone qualities and the characteristics of our FLAT – BAG filter products encouraged the development of the CF CYCLONE FILTER, a device which is a perfect solution for stoker-fired boilers.

CF CYCLONE FILTER eliminates imperfections symptomatic of cyclone dust collectors i.e. transmission of fine dust particles due to the so-called vortex reversal in the bottom section of the cyclone dust collectors. Due to generation of additional negative pressure in the hopper, the dust collected in the traditional cyclones to the dust collector outlet is sucked in to the filter bags installed on a hopper. Thus, the filter prevents excessive emission fostering high efficiency of dust collection.

The key advantages of the CYCLONE FILTER comprise:
  • low investment and maintenance costs – 50% lower in relation to bag filters and electrofilters,
  • high dust collection efficiency below 100 mg/Nm3 at 6% 02.
  • long product life,
  • ability of partial recirculation of flue gas to the boiler,
  • possibility of a two stage implementation of the project:
    • I stage —  a two stage system incorporating a filter chamber,
    • II stage — installation of filter elements, regeneration system and control system.

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