R.P. Adams

R.P. Adams

Cyclone Separators



ADAMS CY Series Cyclone Separators effectively remove up to 99% of condensed liquid and other contaminants, such as pipe scale and rust, from an air or gas stream to protect sensitive pneumatic equipment. Better moisture removal also helps dryers work more efficiently. Located immediately after an Aftercooler, the cyclone separator with its conical bottom produces a cyclone action forcing entrained droplets and particles to the outer walls of the unit. These contaminants travel to a reservoir at the bottom of the unit and then into a drain for discharge. The inner vortex of the Separator prevents re-entrainment and provides maximum efficiency over a wide range of loads. Separators are available in a range of materials of construction including: cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, and stainless steels. The cast and ductile iron units are available from stock while others are made to order.

  • Effectively removes moisture and contaminants from gas streams
  • In-line process connections for ease of installation
  • Sizes available up to 18', many available from stock
  • Can be designed and certified to meet Section VIII of the ASME Code
  • Design pressures ranging from 150 PSIG to 900 PSIG
  • Moisture reservoir provided with every separator
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Self-cleaning unit
  • No moving parts

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