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- Model PTZx - Zoom Inspection Cameras



The new industrial Cyclops PTZx Zoom Inspection Cameras are high end devices specially designed to inspect critical plant assets, infrastructure, nuclear pressure vessels, cooling pumps, channel heads, tanks, heat exchangers, fuel pools, process utilities, oil rigs, large diameter piping, wells, etc.. The system can be used to inspect these areas, view processes, monitor the build up of dirt/ effects of cleaning, and detect mechanical damage. These gear feature two options, a 3.5” diameter color pan and tilt camera with 12x optical zoom, and a larger specially designed 4.3” diameter color pan and tilt zoom camera head with 40x true optical zoom. These will give you the best image for these types of inspection and are designed to work really well with optional foreign object retrieval tools.

Both PTZ Inspection Cameras feature a flexible drop cable mounted on a reel with lengths from 30 meters (98.4 ft) to 90 meters (295 ft), and optional lowering poles, camera mounts, and lifting rings.

Zoom camera heads feature a high resolution Sony ¼” HAD CCD camera chip with a low 0.6 Lux light sensitivity, built in optical zoom (either 12x or 40x, respectively), additional digital zoom, and joystick controlled 360 degree pan rotation and 270 degree side to side tilt movement to fully inspect tanks, vessels, large diameter pipes, and infrastructure. These rugged waterproof camera heads are rated for 3 bars (100 ft) of water pressure, with adjustable LED lights, 2 optional auxiliary LEDs for added illumination in deep, dark areas, a nickel plated aluminium and stainless steel design for added corrosion resistance, and built in auto and manual focus for a focal range of 10mm (0.4”) to infinity (as far as you have light).

The live color image is displayed on a 5” TFT LCD monitor with a sun shield, and built in DVR to capture images (BMP), Video (AVI), date and time, and audio on an SD memory card.  There are also onscreen adjustments for the LED lights, video brightness, grid, reticule, negative image, freeze frame, controls for the camera head pan and tilt movement, and camera position recall. This rugged easy to use setup weights under 30 pounds, but you need to have access to a power outlet or extension cord, there is no battery.   

The fact that the larger Cyclops PTZx pan and tilt camera has both 40x optical zoom, and manual focus makes it one of the best options for industrial inspections. Couple this with the additional accessories like the lowering poles, a pole camera adapter, camera mount for 4” to 24” openings, a lifting ring, and additional auxiliary LED lights to double the illumination, and this is one of the best units available.

  • Pan and Tilt Zoom Camera Head: 3.5” or 4.3” Diameter x 19” Length
  • Sony ¼” HAD CAD High Resolution Camera Chip
  • 360 Degree Pan Rotation, and 270 Degree Side to Side Tilt, with Joystick Control
  • 12x or 40x Optical Zoom, with Additional Digital Zoom
  • Built in LED Lights (2000 Lumens), Optional Auxiliary Lights Available to Double Brightness
  • Auto and Manual Focus, Focal Range from 10mm (0.4”) to Infinity
  • Nickel Plated for Corrosion Resistance, Waterproof to 3 bars (100 ft) of Pressure
  • Flexible Drop Cable on a Reel, Working Lengths from 30 meters (98.4 ft) to 90 meters (295 ft)
  • 5” Color TFT LCD Monitor with Sun Shield
  • DVR with Image/Video Capture, Date and Time, Microphone, SD Memory Card
  • LED Brightness Adjustable, Video Brightness Adjustable, Grid, Negative Image, Freeze Frame
  • 110- 240 VAC, 4A, 50-60 Hz Power Input
  • Optional Lowering Poles, Camera Pole Adapter, 4”-24” Camera Mount, and Lifting Ring Available
  • Works Great with Foreign Object Retrieval Kit 
What’s Included
Handheld Unit with Monitor, Telescopic rod, Straps, SD Card, Battery, Power Adapter, User's Manual, Storm Case, Patch Cable.

  • camera: Sony block camera
  • image sensor: 1/4' Exview HAD CCD
  • effective pixels (NTSC/PAL): 480K/570K
  • video output: PAL/NTSC composite
  • optical zoom: 40x
  • digital zoom: 12x
  • total magnification: 480x
  • sensitivity: 0.6 lux
  • auto/manual focus: 1 cm to ∞
  • min. foc. dist. (wide/tele): 0.4”/59.1”
  • hor. FOV (wide/tele): 60/1.6 deg
  • brightness adjustment: ±10.5 dB
  • camera head diameter: 3.5' or 4.3' (109 mm)
  • dia. with auxiliary LED lights: 6.2' (157 mm)
  • camera head length: 18.9' (479 mm)
  • camera head weight: 6.3 lb (3.0 kg)
  • material: nickel-plated aluminum, stainless
  • pressure rating: 44 psi (3 bar)
  • cable reel length 150' (45m)
  • dims.: 13.2x12.2x10.6' (330x310x270 mm)
  • base station weight: 21 lb (9.5 kg)
  • built-in adjustable LEDs: 0–2000 lumens
  • LED auxiliary lights: 1000 lumens
  • pan (left joystick left/right): 360 deg continuous
  • tilt (left joystick up/down): ±135 deg
  • pan/tilt speed: 0–5 rpm
  • home (left joystick button): resettable position
  • zoom (right joystick up/down)
  • manual focus (right joystick left/right)
  • auto focus (right joystick button)
  • effects: grid, reticle, flip, negative, freeze
  • input 100–240 Vac, 4A, 50–60 Hz

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