D&P Instruments, Inc

- Model 102 - Hand Portable FTIR Spectrometer


This hand portable, remote sensing field and industrial instrument is a lighter FTIR spectrometer, more versatile than our Model 101, which has served the research needs of scientists and engineers worldwide since 1991.

  • Lightweight, Single Package Design
  • Thermally Stabilized Interferometer
  • Embedded Windows Computer
  • USB, Ethernet, and VGA ports
  • Calibrated Output with Optional Thermally Stabilized Blackbody
  • “Through-the-Lens” Viewing of Targets
  • High Sensitivity and Throughput
  • Full sun readable LCD screen
  • Real-Time On-Screen Spectra and Math Processing
  • Runs on compact battery, 12 volt auto cigarette lighter, or worldwide universal AC supply/battery charger

  • Compact and highly portable
  • No need to carry added laptop
  • Ideal for emission and remote sensing
  • Proven design with demonstrated reliability

  • Optical/Elecronic module, including interferometer, drive & sampling electronics, embedded Windows computer, WinFT processing software, USB, Ethernet, VGA, parallel and serial connections
  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled dual InSb/MCT detector and preamp (2-16 μm)
  • 1″ θ, 4.8o field-of-view (FOV) fore-optics with through-the-lens viewing
  • Worldwide AC supply and dual battery charger
  • 12 volt, 9 A-hr battery pack (2)

  • Thermoelectrically stabilized blackbody (1″ or 2″ diameter)
  • 2″ or 4″ telescopes
  • Diffuse gold plate for down-welling radiance measurements
  • Pouring Dewar (4 liter), tripod

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