- Model FV2006-22 - Steering Tank Trailer



In 1987, D-TEC developed the tank trailer FV2006-22. In the years since, the trailer has been continuously developed in order to increase and optimise user efficiency.

Short cycle times
This tank trailer is notable for its performance. The handy loading capacity is high; the weight of the trailer itself is low. The self-supporting tank construction divides the forces in the best way possible. The D-TEC tank trailer can manoeuvre perfectly well even at sites offering limited space, thanks to the unique D-TEC steering system.  The big advantage of this steering system is the substantially increased manoeuvrability, allowing cycle times to be shorter.

Venting safeguard
This model comes as standard with a pneumatically operated, electrically protected vent in order to prevent liquids leaking during transport. The safeguard ensures that the driver cannot load or unload without the vent being open. This prevents a vacuum being created inside the vehicle. Furthermore, D-TEC has equipped the vehicle with stainless steel hose channels (with a top quality finish).

Customised trailer
This model can also be delivered customised to the customer’s requirements. For use within the Netherlands, this version can be fitted with the VMA sampling system and the D-TEC calibrated weighing system. With this FV2006-22 tank trailer, you can circulation-pump silos and also clean them during unloading using the free-fall method.  Click on the video for a film about slurry tank trailers with the VMA sampling system.

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