- TerraSen Station - Basic


A TerraSen station BASIC consists of a TerraSen sensor with 5 sensors that measure soil moisture conditions, soil temperature and irrigation at several depths, a DSG 3.0 datalogger with solar panel and communication function. Complete with pole and wires.

  • Easy:
    By watching over the most actual soil moisture situation and soil temperature and irrigation
  • Cost-effective:
    Because you will irrigate more effectively, there will be a quick return on the investment of the TerraSen BASIC
  • Profit:
    Yield optimalisation by growing more and higher quality crops

  • TerraSen sensor uses 5 sensors to measure: soil moisture and soil temperature
  • Datalogger DSG 3.0 with solar panel and communication function
  • Complete with pole and wires
  • Included: installation set
    - auger
    - twist tool including magnet
  • Excluded: subscription for viewing the irrigation advice of the TerraSen station

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