DAM Silos

- Model AISI304 - Outdoor-Indoor Silos


AISI304 stainless steel, of long durability and minimum maintenance. From capacities for 5 to 1001 of product. Different heights and curve diameters. Advanced anti-tilt and anti-vibration systems. Isolation chamber option. Finished according to customer requirements. Equipped with stainless steel ladders for access to the top of the silos, safety handrails and catwalks between one silo and the another. Option of a stainless steel access door skirting with interior. Two manholes for access to the interior of the silo, one upper and one lower. Prepared for tanker truck loading: the filtering and decompression system allows up to 25 tons of product to be loaded in 40 minutes. Excess loading pressure safety system, and maximum and minimum capacity level gauges. The silo is unloaded by means of a vibrating base system, which assures uniform product lowering and exiting from the silo.

POLIDAM LINE Outdoor polyester silos

  • Affordable solution for outdoor product ensiling.
  • Capacities from 5 [-] to 1001 of product.
  • Same characteristics of the INOXDAM line with regard to:
  • Anti-tilt and anti-vibration systems
  • Heat insulation.
  • Access ladder and handrails.
  • Skirting with access door. -Weighing cells. -Tankertruck loading.
  • Excess pressure safety systems.

All outdoor and indoor silos produced by DAM SILOS are fully compliant with the ATEX regulation (94/9/EC or ATEX 137)

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