- Model CEFLP PIR - Ceiling Flush-mounted PIR Switch


Ceiling flush-mounted PIR switch.These neat and unobtrusive models are ideal for flush mounting through suspended or plasterboard ceilings. They have a 2m cable, for quick installation.

  • Detection Zone : 360°
  • Time lag range : 10 seconds to 40 minutes in 9 steps
  • Photocell range : 30 to 1000 lux, and inactive
  • Loading :
    • Up to 6 amps (1500W) of resistive loads.
    • Up to 6 amps (1500W) of fluorescent loads.
    • Up to 3 amps (750W) of electronic and wire wound transformer loads.
    • Up to 2 amps (500W) of CFL, 2D lamps, LED Drivers and LED lamps and fittings.
    • Up to 1 amp (250W) of fans.
  • Dimensions : 72mm diameter x 68mm

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