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- Calcium Bentonite Natural Membrane


Naturally moist calcium bentonite has great advantages in the establishment of natural membranes for rainwater reservoirs, ponds and drainage ditches. It is a perfect substitute for damageable plastic foils, mats of bentonite and traditional membranes of ordinary clay.

DantoCrude membranes are denser, more robust and more flexible than conventional thin mats of bentonite. It is therefore not necessary to establish a protective underlay beneath the membrane. Thus saving the contractor both time and cost and there are no time-consuming collections or joints that may be leaking which requires special equipment. Futhermore DantoCrude membranes prevent permeation of contaminants such as gasoline, oil, and heavy metals.

Thanks to its high swelling capacity, a DantoCrude membrane is due to repair itself if it become damage. There is thus no need for costly and difficult patching if by example roots penetrate the membrane. DantoCrude membranes are formable by the substrate and attaches tightly against the foundations and pipe entries. Installation of the membrane can be done using standard construction equipment.

For detailed job description please contact Dantonit A/S. DantoCrude are also used for hydro engineering and the environmental protection tasks:

  • Sealing dykes and dams
  • Retention of seepage in landfill sites
  • Lining of storage tank facilities for oil and chemicals
  • Controlling of surface water runoff from sloping sites

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