Dantonit A/S

- Model 06 mm - Pellets


DantoPlug pellets are unrivalled for plugging drill holes, separation of aquifer layers and filter settling of water wells. The pellets are made from pure Danish bentonite, so no additional unwanted substances are added to groundwater. One of the characteristics of DantoPlug pellets is their good ability to swell upon contact with water.

To prevent unintentional bridging while filling in the hole DantoPlug is manufactured through a special process, so the start of swelling ability is delayed without adversely affecting swellability or bulking.
DantoPlug pellets are manufactured in two grades:

  • DantoPlug Super for the unsaturated zone
  • DantoPlug Standard for the saturated zone

DantoPlug pellets are supplied in 500 and 1.000 kg Big-Bags, and in 25 kg sacks.
Charging in the borehole must be done slowly at a steady pace to avoid bridging of the gap.

Dantonit pellets have been developed to avoid bridging.

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