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Model DB4048/DB4060 - Hydraulic Cutter



The Hydraulic Rotary Cutter you have purchased is designed for use with 45 horsepower; 4-wheel drive or 60 horsepower; 2-wheel drive and above tractors, equipped with a 540 RPM or 1000 RPM rear power take-off (PTO).Your tractor must also be equipped with a standard
hitch. A category 2 or 3 quick hitch can also be used with this cutter.To insure stability of your tractor, the rear tires should be spaced at their widest setting. We recommend six feet or wider. You should also add ballast to maintain proper steering control and balance. In addition, unless your tractor is 4-wheel drive, you may also need to add front weights. Please refer to the operator’s manual for your tractor to determine the correct setup

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