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Model DC - Data Center Systems



The Pure Air Data Center is a self-contained, moveable unit that recirculates the air in data centers. As the air passes through PureAir’s gas adsorbent media, harmful corrosive gases are captured and permanently bound. Purified air is sent out the top of the Data Center where it is used to cool servers without harming electrical components.

The Data Center has low energy consumption and noise, and installation is a snap in your existing server cabinets, plugging into standard electrical sockets. Each unit provided protection for up to 5000 square feet (approximately 500 M2). Airflow is variable, controllable up to 1000 cfm (1700 CMH), and differential pressure gauges indicate filter changes for easy maintenance.

  • MERV 7 (G4) Dust Prefi lter
  • 4 cubic feet (113 liters) of PureAir gas adsorbent media fi lled in low pressure holding frames
  • MERV 14 (F8) Dust Final Filter
  • Available with 110-230V and 50/60 V options
  • Differential pressure gauges to indicate dust filter changes
  • Low energy consumption - 0.7 kW
  • Low noise
  • Each unit provide protection for up to 5000 square feet (approx 500 M2)
  • Variable control of airfl ow up to 1000 cfm (1700 CMH)
  • Low EMF brushless AC blower motor

Air Quality* Room Air Volume

  • G2: 40000 ft3 (1200 M3)
  • G3: 20000 ft3 (600 M3)
  • GX: 10000 ft3 (300 M3)

*Based on ISA S71.4 or ASHRAE TC9.9 recommendations

The following customers have implemented PureAir's proven technology to ensure the highest level of environmental protection for their critical hardware:

  • Barclays Bank
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Google
  • Hewlett Packard
  • HSBC Bank
  • Innodata

Complete the protection—pair with the CM2
The Data Center also works in tandem with the PureAir CM2 air quality monitor, which provides the needed verification that ANSI/ISA air quality standards are being met. Together, the Data Center and the CM2 ensure your data center assets are protected and will provide the most reliable service.

For in-rack air purification, consider PureAir’s DC2 unit.

Test Coupons for Lab Analysis
PureAir offers Corrosion Classification Coupons, which measure the air quality in your data center to ANSI/ISA standards. The test coupon is placed in the Data Center for 30 days and returned to PureAir to be analyzed by our certified laboratory technicians. If you are unsure if you have an environment that is harmful to your hardware, this should be your first step. Note that the coupon only measures corrosive gases and is not meant to verify Indoor Air Quality levels for Data Center personnel.

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