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DCK Stroke Actuator



The Electric Actuator can change the location of adjustable screw by the input control signal to change the length of stroke of the metering pump,then, adjusts the capacity of the metering pump automatically.

  • Input power( standard): 220V+/-10%, 1 phase, 50/60Hz        
  • Adjust speed: 16 s/round                    
  • Power: 20 VA                            
  • IP65                                
  • Relative humidity: 90% (25¡æ)                    
  • Input control signal(standard): 4~20mA ( 120 ohm inputimpedance)    
  • Output feedback signal: 4~20mA ( 120 ohm inputimpedance)        
  • EMC(Electric Magnetic Compatibility) of Signal cable: following EN50081-1& EN50082-2

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