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Model DE 4380 - Pump-in-a-Box



Pipe-mounted UL 778 pumping unit with integrated intelligent controls for space-saving installation and superior energy performance. Saves up to 75% in energy over comparable traditional constant speed or variable frequency operated pump installations. Remote services through internet to enhance reliability and sustain optimal performance over life of pumps.

  • Applications : HVAC-system pumping and control; general purpose pumping; industrial/process pumping and control (water or glycol based)
  • Materials : Ductile iron e-coated casing Stainless steel impeller Sintered silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Configuration : On-board Intelligent Variable Speed controls with Sensorless control. Controls enclosure UL type 12 or UL type AX for outdoor applications. 1-10hp range standard with iECM motors that reduce losses by more than 20% over NEMA Premium efficiency. Network capable for remote performance management services.
  • Performance : 25 to 450 USgpm (1.5 to 28 L/s) flow; 10 to 160 ft (3 to 48 m) head (composite curves range : available)
  • Temperature : 250°F (121°C)
  • Power Range : 1 hp to 10 hp (0.75 kW to 7.5 kW)
  • Size : 1.5' to 6' (40 mm to 150 mm)

  • Vertical In-line design eliminates the need for inertia bases, housekeeping pads, and flex connectors and reduces piping requirements
  • Integrated intelligent controls eliminate separate mounting of variable frequency drive (VFD) as well as procurement, installation (incl. wiring), calibration and upkeep of differential pressure sensor
  • Vertical motor positioning requires up to 60% less floor space compared to other pump configurations.
  • Superior energy performance qualifies for significant cost recovery under utility and government rebate programs
  • Design Envelope selections frequently recommend a smaller motor and/or pump which reduces installed cost.

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