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Custom-made green walls: You decide; we will translate your creative ideas into green walls, whichever their location and whichever their shape. Together, we will develop a solution that meets your requirements and desiderata. That may be a vertical façade which turns your building into a real eye-catcher, or it may be a green wall which turns your reception area or your living area into a haven of tranquility. Vertical gardens do not only appeal to the eye, they also create a working and living environment which is healthy to body and soul.

PlantDesign uses a non-soil bound modular system called the Plantbox. Plants are put in separate modules, which are independent of the wall, the façade or the soil. We use sphagnum, a substrate which can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water, resulting in efficient and economical water irrigation. With our long experience and knowhow about plants and about state-of-the-art automated irrigation, we put in place reliable and durable systems.

With our maintenance contract, you can always enjoy the green beauty of your vertical garden.

Would you like to discover what PlantDesign can mean for you? Get in touch with us; our passionate team will gladly reply to all your questions and help you make your dream design come true.


The De Boer system consists of modules which are suspended to a metal grille with an aluminium frame which is attached to the façade’s structure. This light-weight solution (70-100 kg/m2 when saturated) can be used on concrete, bricks, steel or wood. The system can be either straight or curved. The plants will not grow on the façade or wall as such.

The plants are pre-cultivated hanging in the modules during four to six months, i.e. they are not soil-based. The benefit is obvious: as soon as the system is installed, the green wall is practically mature already. The system can be used on new facades and walls or on existing ones, either outside on inside.

The integrated computerized irrigation and fertilizer system, which takes into account the climate, the seasons and the orientation, makes the plants thrive throughout the year. Any irrigation issues are reported on line.

The system uses water sparingly; the water can, in fact, be recycled. Maintenance is required only twice per year: to prune the vegetation and to check the irrigation station.

With our unique system, you will enjoy a rich green facade.

The system uses mainly organic components and materials which are 100% recyclable. As a result, your environmental footprint becomes much smaller.

The anti-bacterial organic substrate has high water-retention capabilities: it absorbs up to 14 times its own weight in water. The main ingredient is sphagnum, which enhances the rooting of plants and extends the blooming.

Green facades require a tailor-made solution. We will meet your specific requirements and wishes.

We can obtain expert advice on the available natural light. If required, we can provide artificial lighting with sodium-vapour lamps.



  • Sound insulating: the sphagnum absorbs up to 18 dBA of the street noise.
  • Insulating effect of the vegetation:
    • The evaporation of the plants cools the facade in a natural manner (by -7°C to -15°C). The plants also serve as a sun-screen.
    • The layer of air behind the panels has a cooling effect, too.
    • The leaves temper the speed of the wind along the facade. This, as well as the shadow of the vegetation, reduces the temperature fluctuations on the facade.
  • The facade is protected against the influence of the sun and the rain.
  • A green facade discourages graffiti sprayers.
  • The variety of plants and the change of seasons replace the monotony of a naked facade by a change of colours and appearance.
  • The facade of your building, partly or fully covered with plants, will be truly exclusive. The same goes when you opt for a green wall in your reception area. Or, why not, in the living room of your home.
  • The surface of the leaves binds fine dust particles.
  • The plants’ photosynthesis reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The plants’ evaporation increases air humidity.
  • Densely built areas become a nicer place to work and live in. And they become prettier to look at. In addition, there is greater biodiversity, as plants and blossoms attract insects and birds which may even build their nests.


Are you considering embellishing your facade?

  • Find out whether the structure of your facade has sufficient strength.
  • Bear in mind that the orientation of the facade will determine the choice of plants. The sun, the shade and the wind all play a role.
  • Exterior facades and interior walls require different solutions. Inside a building, you can opt for tropical or subtropical plants. Outside, you will need to choose plants which can withstand low temperatures.

Would you like us to take you through the different solutions?

  • Feel free to get in touch with us.
  • The staff of PlantDesign and De Boer Green will deliver to you a well thought-out design and a solution which will make man and nature happy.

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