- Dechlorination Additive



DE-CHLOR is a white granular crystal that neutralizes chlorine in municipal water. Chlorine in water supplies can destroy polymer drilling fluids.

Pre-treat make-up water with DE-CHLOR prior to mixing polymer drilling fluids to prevent premature breakdown, as well as to extend the yield and recycle life of polymer slurries.

  • Boosts performance up to 50% without adding primary polymer
  • Economical method for neutralizing chlorine
  • Increases slurry life
  • Stops chlorine from destroying polymer slurries

Add 0.5 lb DE-CHLOR per 1,000 gallons (0.25 kg DE-CHLOR per 3.8 m3) make-up water either through a VENTURI HOPPER or by sprinkling into the flow of water filling the borehole. Mix DE-CHLOR at the same time SODA ASH is added to the make-up water.

  • 50 lb (22.7 kg) pails, 32 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.

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