Deep Bed Trailer



The deep bed trailer is the crown to our harvesting help expertise. It has a heavy duty single axle with wide wheels. With a clearance of only 65cm from the ground, boxes are easy to handle and workers can easily move on and around the trailer. Standard length of the deep bed trailer is 8 meters, but can be customized to your specifications.All deep bed trailers come equipped with the heavy duty harvesting belt, which can be moved along the side of the trailer, and adjusted in both height and speed.

Trailer features:

  • Heavy duty single axle (190cm track standard)
  • Large wheels
  • Low height platform (approx. 65cm)
  • Standard length of 8 m
  • Tear plate floor
  • Electronically controlled hydraulics

Trailer options:

  • Customisable dimensions
  • Tires
  • Different colours

Belt features:

  • Swan neck
  • Made from fibre glass bars, like a sieve belt
  • Hydraulically powered 7 m long belt, 40cm wide
  • Hydraulic adjustable height of the belt
  • Attached to the trailer in a rail (The belt is movable along the trailer)
  • The belt is also movable to either road or to field position
  • Aluminium foldable end of the belt
  • Electric sensor on the end of the belt, to stop the belt by detecting a crop

Belt options:

  • Length of the belt up to 11 m
  • Width is customisable
  • Flights in stainless steel or rubber

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