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- Model MK-I MAWS - Directional Wave Buoy



The DeepSea MKI buoy is state of the art in directional wave measurement and oceanographic data gathering. The buoy includes a solid-state MEMS directional wave measurement pack, an automatic weather station and a sea surface temperature transducer. The payload can be expanded with further underwater instrumentation to measure biochemical and physical parameters, and a multi-satellite, multi-channel receiver for iSSH measurement (tide). The buoy is composed of a central metal pole in AISI 316 stainless steel, and three rotationally moulded, foam-filled floats that are assembled to form the shape of a truncated cone. The buoy dimensions, the focal light height, and the radar corner reflector allow good visibility in any conditions, day or night.

Main features are:

  • inertial sensor (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) containing a digital compass that can measure the directional waves parameters and spectra;
  • A very low power consumption CPU with high processing capability;
  • A VHF or UHF radio modem, 100mW to 10W in power;
  • An Inmarsat D+ satellite transceiver containing a GPS receiver to be used as a back-up relay system and to track the buoy position and/or an Inmarsat mini-C;
  • Autonomous power supply system based on solar panels or a primary lithium battery pack.

All data provided by sensors (wave sensors, meteo sensors, multi-parameter probes) are stored using a compact flash NVRAM with capacity up to 32 Gb. The MKI CPU includes three axial acceleration and the three axial gyros to obtain the wave directional spectra and to address the zero crossing analysis. The electronic unit is protected inside a waterproof cylinder equipped with water-proof connectors to interface the radio antenna, the meteo sensors, the satellite modem and the optional multiparameter probe (CTD + other sensors ) that can be fixed using one or more moon-pools through the floats. The pole and the floats can be disassembled to facilitate the transport of the buoy: the pole can be split into two parts and the float can be divided into three segments.

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, mounted in reverse mode, to measure currents in the water column up to -100 m, in up to 128 layers
  • Multiparameter probe to measure Temperature, salinity, dissolved Oxigen, Redox, pH, Turbidity, Chlorophyll etc.
  • Telemetry: Skywave Surelinx combined GPRS/Inmarsat transceiver;
  • Telemetry: InmarsatC, Inmarsat IsatM2M, Iridium, other on request.
  • Additional primary lithium battery pack
  • Underwater telemetry: Acoustic modem and inductive modem for sea bottom instrumentation and moored sensors.

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