Toro Equipment S.L.

- Model Range 40 - Rotary Screen



The Rotary screen range 40 is manufactured in AISI 316. The 63 range is manufactured using AISI 304, Duplex manufacturing is an option.

This rotary screens includes:

  • GRP or stainless steel cover.
  • Emergency shutdown.
  • Wiring.
  • Motor.
  • Overflow.
  • Drainage piping.
  • Pressed stainless steel swivel ring flange.
  • Cleaning circuit.


  • Flows specified for clean water. A reduction should be applied according to the type and amount of solids removed. Consult our technical department


  • The dimensions and technical specifications may vary slightly due to normal product development by the engineering department of Toro Equipment, S.L.
  • Request specifications sheet when ordering.

On request:

  • Transportation of equipment in treated wooden crates.
  • Palletising and plastification of equipment.
  • Containerisation.