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- Model 2301-2342 - Triple Lift Combination High Level Lifter Systems



The lifter systems of this product line are designed for closed refuse collection of domestic waste in 2- or 4-wheeled containers in accordance with EN 840-1 / 2 / 3. Depending on the density of containers in the collection area manual systems are available for rural areas with few containers or automatic systems for high density areas (city). Automatic systems offering emptying periods of 6 sec for 2-wheeled containers or 8 sec for 4-wheeled containers guarantee best collection performance. The emptying cycle is operated and monitored by a control unit.


  • split automatic lifter as combination of double and single lifter for installation on split-body vehicles
  • functional design with smooth, easy to clean surfaces
  • side panels with ergonomically integrated operating controls and maintenance-friendly access
  • switchable single / combined mode
  • selectable operating modes for manual, semi- or fully automatic emptying process
  • hydraulically pivoting, gentle container retention in the full-tip position
  • safety controller with integrated display, service interface and keypad for diagnosis and for system management
  • active safety sensors to prevent malfunctions and operator errors
  • extendable safety barriers with flexible barrier end
  • sensor-controlled working-area protection

Market Sector

  • residential and commercial areas
  • optimal for 2-men operation

Container range (standard)

  • MGB 80-340L EN 840-1
  • MGB 500-1200L EN 840-2 – flat lid
  • MGB 770-1300L EN 840-3 – dome lid
  • special containers depending on model

Power source / Method of operation

  • separate lifting/tipping movement via hydraulic lifting cylinders with connected lever parallelogram,
  • linear, vertically directed lifting movement in the container pickup and depositing phase
  • rigid, passive container locking and subsequent pivoting movement via proven hydraulic ZK-tipping unit
  • passive lowering movement via gravity


  • replaceable lifting device in acc. with specification conforming to DIN EN 1501-1 for closed refuse collection


  • flexible installation range from 1100-1600 mm
  • large ground clearance to prevent damage through touch-down impact
  • emptying process with low dust/noise emissions and low-stress container handling
  • great ease of use and high collection performance
  • low accident risk through EU-compliant safety technology


  • double lifter in PREMIUM version with split, active retention for flat and dome lid and lid-opener rails
  • double lifter in BASIC version with split retention bars with lid-opener hooks or passive stop loops with flat/dome lid preselection
  • single lifter for RH and/or LH installation


  • combination with hydraulic footboard
  • pickup of special containers
  • central lubrication
  • etc.

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