- Model HD 32MT.1 - Weather Station Meteorologic Datalogger


The HD32MT.1 is a 16-channel data logger capable of capturing and logging the values measured by a series of sensors connected to its inputs. The data logger is completely programmable by the user and is therefore very versatile. The supplied HD32MTLogger application software, supplied with the instrument, allows simple and intuitive programming by using graphic interfaces, without the need of learning any programming language, thus minimizing the time needed to make the system operational. The values recorded by the instrument can be transferred to a PC by using the HD32MTLogger software. The data logger can be configured to memorize the instant value, the minimum value, the maximum value, the average value and the standard deviation of the measurements. For measurements that require the counting of pulses, the total counted pulses can be stored. Different acquisition/recording intervals can be programmed per each input. Each recording includes acquisition date and time.

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