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- Model PR2 SDI-12 Version - Profile Probe


The PR2 SDI-12 Profile Probe builds on the reputation and field proven technology of the analogue PR2. By adopting the widely used SDI-12 interface (v1.3) the PR2 SDI-12 can be integrated with an even wider range of data loggers, sensors and equipment. SDI-12 is an established communication standard adopted by many manufacturers of environmental monitoring and control equipment. It is popular because it allows large numbers of sensors (from many vendors) to be connected to a logger via a simple cable network, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of wiring large sensor installations. The PR2 SDI-12 conforms to the industry standard SDI-12 (v1.3) specification.

  • Multiple PR2 SDI-12s can be connected to a compatible data logger via a single cable
  • Enables the creation of low cost highly flexible sensor networks
  • Compatible with existing PR2 access tubes and augering kits
  • Conforms to industry standard SDI-12 (v1.3) spec
  • Flexible integration with 3rd party SDI-12 hardware
  • New low power design; ideal for remote sites

Cables and connectors

The PR2 SDI-12 has a high quality, stainless steel IP67 rated connector (M12 x 5-way) – connecting to the standard Delta-T range of M12 x 5-way cables and accessories. The M12 x 5-way cables are also compatible with Delta-T’s ML3, SM300, SM150 and EQ3 sensors.

(NB: The M12 x 8-way range of cables used for analogue PR2 connection is not compatible with the SDI-12 version of the PR2. Analogue and SDI-12 sensors cannot be mixed on the same cable system.)

GP2 SDI-12 Data Logger - an ideal partner

  • The PR2 SDI-12 is fully compatible with the new SDI-12 enabled GP2 Data Logger and Controller - which features simple point & click configuration. 
  • Up to 50 SDI-12 Profile Probes can be connected to a single GP2 (subject to power requirements). In addition to SDI-12 input, the GP2 can log 12 analogue channels. 
  • The SDI-12 enabled GP2 Data Logger and DeltaLINK enable quick and easy creation of sensor networks - without need to resort to the often complex programming methods typically employed by other manufacturers.
  • The SDI-12 Profile Probe’s electronics have been designed to improve power efficiency – reducing the overall power requirement. This is an important advantage for off-grid applications at remote sites.

HH2 Moisture Meter

The SDI-12 version of the PR2 will soon become compatible with the HH2 Moisture Meter*. This is a great advantage for customers who value the freedom to use Profile Probes in both installed and portable applications. The HH2 will only require an inexpensive firmware upgrade to be made fully compatible.