Delta-T Devices Ltd.

- Model ST1-05 - Soil Temperature Probe (5m Cable)


The ST1 is a soil temperature probe based on a thermistor sensor. This is housed in a stainless steel sheath of 4.8 mm nominal outside diameter, 125 mm long, connected to a 5 m cable. Thermistor type – 2K (see specification for full details). Sensor can be buried in the soil or exposed for air temperature measurements. (subject to appropriate solar shielding.).

a: Additional (worst case) error due to DL6 Data Logger at -10 to +50 °C. b: Additional (typical) error due to GP1 Data Logger at 0 to +60 °C. c: Additional (worst case) error due to GP2 Data Logger at -20 to +60 °C. d: Co-axial single-core with screen acting as signal loop. e: Over 0-70 °C. f: Teflon lead, vinyl tip.