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- Model DRF - Drum Flaker


Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche has manufactured Drum Flakers for over forty years always improving their performances; Indeed the former model has been equipped with new devices and details like internal cooling by sprayers and the new drum design. Drum flakers are suitable for handling of many organic and inorganic products. Years of use, also in hard conditions, have shown their high reliability.


Flakes are obtained through a process that allows the product solidify by means of internal cooled drum:

  • a thin layer of liquid product adheres to the outside of the rotating drum and solidifies between the feed and the knife.
  • when the hardened layer arrives to knife it is detached from drum and broken in small flakes that fall into discharge device.

Thickness of flakes depends on feed type, drum rotation speed and, in the DRVF bottom vat type, it depends also on the immersion of the drum. All these parameters are easily adjustable to optimize production time. Working is continuous and after the initial setting, according to the kind of product and the required volume, any other setting or modification is necessary.

Single drum Flaker with Vat

Suitable for warm liquid products whose state changes with a cooling action. DRFV is equipped with the following devices:

  • Rotating cylindrical drum internally cooled by means of a sprayer system
  • Heated vat for melted products containing.
  • Special adjustable overflow to control level in the vat.
  • Knife for product detaching from the drum. Material of construction depends on the hardness of the product.
  • Drive unit for drum rotation. Variable rotation speed.
  • Discharge hopper for flakers collection.

Flakers with Distribution Roll

Suitable for pasty products (for exemple those produced by Thin Film Dryers)

  • In DRFT the Vat is replaced by a distribution roll on the upper part of main drum
  • The roll has a separate drive unit and the distance from main drum is easily regulated
  • An additional knife for cleaning the distribution roll is foreseen

For the DRFT it’s possible to have a hydraulic system for the roll which can act also like a safe device to avoid any machine damage in case of falling metallic parts. Further there’s the possibility to heat or cool the distribution roll.

Features & Accessories:
  • Material chosen according product and design conditions
  • Austenitic stainless steel and special nickel alloy for main drum
  • Different overall dimensions and capacity
  • Explosion proof electric system
  • Recirculation system with receiver for product to be flaked
  • Closed ring cooling system with chiller
  • Covering of machine and aspiration
  • Spring system or hydraulic system for pressing the knife against the product
  • Discharge screw


  • Continuous process
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low investment costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energetic consumption
  • Simple control of flakers given through drum rotation speed, knife position and inclination

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