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- Model Pury 250E - Micro-Processor Controlled Gas Cooler



Protect your valuable analyzer investment with the Pury 250E sample gas conditioner. Designed for wet and dirty process gases, the Pury 250E will remove water vapor and particulates from a wide range of sample gases that are compatible with the stainless steel wetted components.

  • Blast Furnace Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Coke Oven Gas
  • Pyrolosis Gas
  • Stack Gas


Sample System

A Customized sample system can be supplied to suit the user's specific application and these are usually mounted on the side of the enclosure (if purchased) or it can be supplied as a complete module ready for wall mounting.

A completed application data sheet will assist us to determine  the customer needs.

  • The Pury 250e is a micro-processor controlled gas cooler and is specially designed for use with gas analyzers in operation with wet and dirty sample gases and automatically removes these contaminates from sample gas before use by a gas analyzer.
  • Liquid condensate passes through the filter material in a reflux action and washes any small particals out with the condensate.
  • The unit can control the absolute dewpoint over the differential temperaturer relative to the ambient temperature. The customers sample gas connection enters at the top of the unit ( its recommended to heat trace the sample gas line) and the sample gas is rapidly cooled in a two stage process that drops the sample gas below its dewpoint to remove any condensibles. All units are set-up for automatic operation at unattened sampling locations.
  • A blow back port can be provided for back purging the sample line with Air, N2 or steam according to application.
  • Status information is provided in the LC display and the output is readable as a digital signal over the proprietary communication BUS link.
  • The Pury 250e is an easy to install wall mounted gas cooler for use with process gas analysers and the use of the micro processor controlled Pury 250e gas cooler will ensure optimum sample conditioning and trouble free operation when installed in accordance with operating specifications and installtion instructions.

  • Two Stage Peltier Gas Cooler for flow rates up to 3 l/min
  • Dew Point Range Between 3°C and 40 °C
  • Differential Dewpoint Control Relative to Room Temperature
  • User Friendly Menu
  • On Board Condensate Pump
  • Self Cleaning Filter
  • Max. Cooling from Room Temperature 35 °C
  • Temperature Control Based on Outside Air
  • LC Display and Keypad
  • User Programable Functions with Contact Output for Operating Status

  • Power Supply:
    • 230 VAC +/- 20 %
    • 115 VAC +/- 10%
  • Working temperature: 3°C to + 40°C
  • Temperature range: -20 to + 60 °C
  • Weight: 15 KG
  • Humidity: 0 to 99% (Non condensing)
  • Pressure: 700 – 1300 mbar
  • Cooling time: 15 min to 20 °C
  • Gas flow: 3 l/min
  • Differential temperature: 35 °C max.
  • Cooler output:  150 Watt
  • External communications: RS 232 Union-Bus
  • Control panel: High contrast display with 4 button keypad
  • MTBF: 80.000 Std. Condensate removal pump
  • Communication cable: NYM 3 x 0,75 mm2
  • Enclosure rating: IP22
  • Electrical approvals: CE, 73/23 EEC, 89/336 EEC
  • Overall Size: 275W x 465H x 205 D mm
  • Gas Connections: ¼” Tube
  • Condensate pump: Push-on fitting

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