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DENS-A-CAN DAC 800 densifier is specifically designed to densify ALUMINUM and STEEL food or beverage containers into high density interlocking biscuits that meet the aluminum and steel industry requirements. Along with the high density biscuits, the DAC 800 will process tin food containers into low density biscuits approved by the detinners. The process of switching from the high density biscuit to the low density biscuit is done by simply turning a switch on the control panel. Being direct charge makes the DAC 800 well suited for a surge/storage hopper, in which the DAC 800 is placed directly beneath a surge hopper. The 800 may be purchased with an optional separator. The DAC 800 has proven itself in large buy-back operations and material recovery facilities, and like all DENS-A-CAN equipment, it is simple to operate, highly reliable, and easy to maintain.

  • Fully automatic with manual override switches.
  • Two convenient density setting options from the control panel: one for aluminum, the other for steel cans.
  • Automatic biscuit size control, automatically adjusts for whole, mixed, or flat cans.
  • Agitator system breaks up can bridging even from the largest of surge hoppers.
  • Large capity oil cooler.
  • Latest electronic and hydraulic controls utilizing tie rod cylinders.
  • TEFC motors and sealed electrical enclosures.
  • Reinforced heavy duty compression chamber with tongue and groove tracking systemeliminates cylinder rod lift.
  • Four edged hardened tool steel cutter bar.
  • Mounted on casters, the DAC 800 can be moved for cleanup.
  • All components are easily accessable with fewer moving parts and sensing components. Wear areas are bolted for ease of service.

The Dac 800 Direct Charge densifier is designed for the smaller municipality or medium size processor. It’s a natural for Curbside Operation - municipalities and independent contractors alike!

DAC 800 Medium Capacity Direct Charge Densifier

DENS-A-CAN built the first commercially operated aluminum densifier in 1981. In 1984, DENS-A-CAN engineered and marketed the original Direct Charge Densifier. In 1990, DENS-A-CAN introduced the DAC 1200, a specially designed Direct Charge Densifier for processing not only aluminum cans, but also food “tin/steel” cans in two distinct densities: one for remelt, the other for detinning. The 1200 has been the choice of many processors and material recovery facilities. The DAC 800 was developed for the smaller municipality or material recovery facilities and produces biscuits that are approved by ALCOA and meet the requirements for steel can remelting and detinning.

Description: The DAC 800 is fully automatic and will run continuously as long as cans are being fed. It features an automatic shut-off when empty.

Direct Charge is the processing of cans without the need for any preprocessing like pre-weighing. The DAC 800, like all DENS-A-CAN densifiers, can be placed directly beneath a surge storage system. Can bridging is eliminated by the use of an agitator. The agitator rotates when the single compression ram is retracting, the rotating agitator breaks bridging and forces the cans into the compression chamber. Biscuit size and density are determined by a specifically engineered system that consists of only four sensors. This system has proven itself in the dirty and harsh environment of material recovery facilities.

The DAC 800 features two pressure settings that can be selected by turning the switch at the control panel. The High Setting is for densifying aluminum or steel cans for remelting. The Low Setting is for compacting steel cans for detinning or lighter weight biscuits for remelting.

All service areas of the DAC 800 have ample access to them. All wear components are bolted and designed for easy replacement.
Capacity in pounds/hour:
Aluminum: 800
Aluminum Flat: 1200
Ferrous: 1800

Biscuit Description:
Typical size: 8' x 13' x 11' with integral banding grooves.
Weight and density of a typical biscuit:
Aluminum cans- 24/26 lbs. each or 36/39 lbs./cu. ft. typical.
Ferrous cans - 50/53 lbs. each or 75/80 lbs./cu. ft. typical, high density.
Ferrous cans - 33 lbs. each or 50 lbs./cu. ft. typical, low density.
Banded Bundle typical size and weight:
100 biscuits, 40' x 52' x 55', no skid or pallet needed.
Aluminum beverage cans - 2500 pounds
Ferrous cans - 5300 pounds, high density.
Ferrous cans - 3300 pounds, low density.
Standard Power: 15 HP, 240 V, 3-phase, 60 amps, or 480 V, 3-phase, 40 amps.
Options: 208 V, 3-phase, 70 amps, or 575 V, 3-phase 40 amps.
Other Specifications:
Optional thermostatically controlled oil heater.
Optional conveyor available with or without magnetic head pulley.
Approximate Weight in pounds:
Without conveyor: 3119
With conveyor: 3519
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity - 53 Gallons
Specifications subject to change without notice. Shipped FOB Greensburg, PA

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