Warminster Fiberglass Company

Warminster Fiberglass Company

Density Current Baffles


Corrosion Resistant: Unexcelled in resistance to corrosion. Precision Molded: Molded to the exact shape of the clarifier. Light Weight: Permits easy installation without special lifting equipment. Separate Support Brackets: Strong, light and easy to handle during installation

  • Also known as 'Stamford Baffle', 'Submerged Flow Deflection Baffle' or 'Upflow Baffle'
  • Tests show that the installation of density current baffles in new or existing clarifiers can improve performance by up to 38%.
  • They eliminate the 'wall effect', whereby density currents flow up the wall of the clarifier, causing suspended solids to flow directly into the effluent trough.
  • The baffles are attached to the wall of the clarifier and slope downward at a 45° angle, extending into the tank approximately 3 feet. This re-directs the density currents away from the launder, towards the center of the tank, which increases efficiency by settling more solids.
  • Warminster Fiberglass is, by far, the World's leading manufacturer of density current baffles.
  • Our design, which incorporates separate, pre-assembled, frp brackets, insures easy and accurate installation.

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