- Model TS Series - Thermosyphon System



The DEPAC TS thermosyphon system TS is a simple and reliable supply system for double mechanical seals.It can be used not only for DEPAC seals but also for other makes of double seal.The barrier medium should be a low viscosity, well lubricating fluid which is compatible with the product and has a high boiling point and high specific heat capacity.The viscosity of the barrier fluid should not be much higher than that of water on account of the high pipe resistance.

If safety and/or technical product-related reasons require the barrier pressure to be higher than the pressure of the medium on the seal, an appropriate nitrogen buffer may be applied.

It is always recommended to use a cooling system with cooling coils and cooling water in order to ensure the best possible circulation.

If one thermosyphon system is to be used for two seals, a forced circulation system in the form of a pump must be used on the barrier fluid line or the thermosyphon effect cannot be guaranteed.

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