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Derypol, S.A.

- Model MJ 480 - Ply Bond Agent



MJ-480 was designed to partially replace (and combine with) starch, which is used as a ply bond agent. It produces a synergetic effect with starch, decreasing the hydration temperature of the blend. The product is loaded in the same tank where starch suspension is prepared. Both products are completely compatible. MJ-480 is insoluble in cold water, so it forms water suspensions as starch does. The replacement ratios recommended are between 1:10 and 1:5 (MJ-480:Starch). This means economic sav-ings, and a significant reduction of COD in the resulting white waters.

The MJ 480 product is developed to increase adherence between paper/board layers as a partial substitute of starch, by means of a spray.

A synergy with the mixture starch + MJ has been observed. Starch is supposed to increase viscosity at a certain temper-ature. That is known as 'starch cooking or explosion'. If we compare the starch itself with starch + MJ, a decrease in the Temperature of this last case can be observed; that is to say, the starch+ MJ explodes at lower temperatures. This is an advantage of MJ versus the starch, since the earlier it 'explodes', the less it is absorbed.

In order to measure the strength between layers there are many parameters to consider, such as the Scott Bond Tester, COD, and Mullen.


  • Economical advantages compared with starch
  • Maintenance of paper characteristics
  • Easy application/ handling
  • Minimal risk for the trial

  • Appearance: White opaque milky liquid
  • pH: 2.0 - 4.0
  • Viscosity: < 1.500 cp

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