- Model ALLIGATOR Series - Versatile Skimmer



The ALLIGATOR is a versatile skimmer that has the ability to recover a wide range of oils not normally associated with oleophilic skimmers - from light to very viscous oil. The brush belt pulls the oil into the unit where it is elevated and recovered at the back of the skimmer with a unique double comb arrangement.

The ALLIGATOR 50 has been specially designed with the operator in mind. The floats, sump and pump can be easily dismounted from the frame for hand carrying to the spill site. The brush belt can be simply disconnected from the drive sprockets for cleaning and maintenance.

ALLIGATOR brush belt skimmers incorporate the advantages of a belt mechanism combined with brushes that enhance the recovery rate. it has been independently tested in light and heavy oil - it was very efficient and did not recover any free water!

Bi-directional Belt - the belt can operate in either direction. On underflow mode (with the belt going down into the oil) the skimmer can achieve a high recovery rate with lighter oils. In overflow mode (belt coming up out of the oil) the DESMI Alligator is able to recover thick layers of heavy oils.

The floats are detachable and can be adjusted for operation in different depths of water.

The whole sump with the DOP-160 offloading pump attached will slide out. A suction connection is fitted so that the skimmer can be used with external suction pumps and vacuum trucks.

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