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- Model Bi 18E - Bi-Distillation Apparatus


In the Bi 18 E components coming into contact with water are quartz glass parts which, contrary to ordinary laboratory glass is nonhygroscopic and thus resistant to H2O. These properties warrant the high purity requirements a distillate must fulfill.

Due to a solenoid valve, it is assured that only so much feed water (as a rule expensive VE water) is metered in, as is subsequently distilled off what finally results in a considerable cost reduction.
The optimization of the cooling water volume is controlled by a cooling water flowmeter. The Bi18E offers the possibility of connecting an additional filling level sensor control which enables the control of the distillation volume in the collection vessel. When the vessel is full, the sensor will signal the unit to shut off or, alternatively, when the filling level falls below a preset level in the collection vessel, the apparatus switches on again automatically. In the event of a cooling or feed water shortage, the power supplying part is automatically shut off, thus ensuring an optimum operating safety.

Plug and screw connections facilitate an easy cleaning and maintenance, and thus assembly and dismantling of the quartz glass components can be easily and quickly done.
The modular structure makes it possible to increase the distillation capacity easily. The water supply is provided by simply connecting the devices via special couplings.

Electrical safety
The apparatus Bi 18 E meets the EG standard 89/336/EWG and EG standard 73/23/EWG.

  • free of pyrogenes
  • free of heavy metals
  • distillate meets requirements
  • according to DAB 10
  • optimal operating safety
  • compact structure
  • easy handling
  • easy assembly – only the quartz glass components and the water and electrical connection (plug/socket) are to be assembled modular structure for adaptation of distilling capacity
  • connection of filling level sensor and distillate collection vessel possible
  • easy assembly and dismantling facilitate cleaning and maintenance

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