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Conventional vacuum distillation systems set the pH value before evaporation. The disadvantage here is that evaporation can trigger subsequent reactions which impair the distillate quality. That’s why we developed the Destcontrol pH regulator, which compensates the subsequent reactions and thus achieves a constantly good distillate product.

The pH value of industrial wastewater in a vacuum distillation system often differs drastically before and after evaporation. For instance, it may produce distillates with low pH values, which cause corrosion damage and no longer meet the quality standards for re-use or discharge. This is due to subsequent reactions occurring during concentration.

That’s why H2O’s Destcontrol regulation does not measure the pH value of the inflow, but rather of the purified distillate. If the pH values change here, the neutralisation agent is metered out directly into the VACUDEST evaporator to correct them, thereby compensating any subsequent reactions. This ensures a constantly stable distillate quality – ideal for hassle-free discharge or reuse.

The Destcontrol can be used anywhere which requires constant distillate qualities for circulation processes. It is particularly suitable for alkaline or slightly acidic water, and replaces conventional continuous neutralisation, e.g. during wastewater processing in paint pre-treatment or aluminium die-casting.

The Destcontrol pH regulator saves space. Because this technology, integrated directly into the VACUDEST, completely replaces continuous neutralisation in alkaline or slightly acidic process wastewater. It also controls quality, e.g. for electroplating rinse water.

With Destcontrol fluctuating pH values are a thing of the past. This innovative technology regulates the pH value in the purified distillate to an optimum level.

As the operator of a wastewater treatment system, you are responsible for compliance with limit values. The Destcontrol pH regulator gives you the certainty of knowing that the purified wastewater meets the pH limit values. This is a good feeling, and important step towards protecting our environment.

Destcontrol works precisely where it is needed, protecting against corrosion, avoiding expensive repairs, saving resources, and ensuring your VACUDEST enjoys a longer lifetime.

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